Gamma+ Ergo Magnetic Motor Cordless Clipper Review

Gamma+ Ergo Magnetic Motor Cordless Clipper Review

Lewis Hernandez Nottaro

Gamma+ Ergo Magnetic Motor Cordless Clipper Review

If you are looking for a hair clipper with an extraordinary futuristic look, the Gamma + Ergo is exactly what you need.

This excellent clipper also features ultra-durable blades, a powerful motor, and a reliable battery.

Thanks to its curved design, this clipper is spectacularly ergonomic.

Gamma+ Ergo Magnetic Motor Cordless Product Specifications

 Manufacturer  Gamma+
 Weight  < 1lb.
 Body Material  Plastic Polymer
 Motor  Magnetic Motor
 Blades  Adjustable Black Diamond Blade
 Power source/Battery  Lithium-Ion Battery (2-Hour Runtime)
 Accessories  Blade Oil, Charging Stand, 5 Magnetic Guards, 2 Body Kits, Charging Cable, Cleaning Brush, Red Screw Driver, Manual
 Warranty  1-Year


What makes a Gamma+ Ergo Clipper a good choice?

Gamma does a good job of creating some impressive, quality hair clippers like the one we're reviewing today: the Gamma+ Ergo.

Designed to offer comfort, reliability and efficiency; plus, it features a heavy-duty motor and flawless blades.

This hair clipper has almost perfect ergonomics, hence the name "Ergo".

This review will focus on some of the qualities and specs that make the Gamma+ Ergo an excellent hair clipper.

We will talk about things like:

  • Features and functionalities
  • Usability and handling
  • What's in the Box?
  • Some pros and cons
  • In addition to what we think about the product.

Let us begin...

Features and functionalities

Let's start by reviewing what Gamma+ Ergo has to offer.

It has a powerful magnetic motor

The motor of a clipper must be robust to offer better performance and a good user experience. And that's precisely what you get with the Gamma+ Ergo hair clipper.

This mower features a turbocharged magnetic motor with speeds of up to 10,000 strokes per minute. This means that you can use it to tackle most hair types with ease.

Magnetic motors are powerful but they don't produce a lot of torque; This limitation is mainly due to the linear motion of the motor. Don't get me wrong, the Gamma Ergo has ample torque; enough for all your bulk cutting needs. In addition, the motor is durable and runs more quietly.

High quality black diamond blades

What this means is that the blades have a diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating. With the DLC coating, the blades of this hair clipper become corrosion resistant with a low coefficient of friction.

It is also strong and durable with a smooth finish. These blades won’t catch or pull any hair while shaving.

Lastly, the Gamma+ Ergo blades can be zero gapped to improve its fading, blending, tapering and line-up capabilities.

All of these qualities make these blades exceptionally efficient. And this is one more reason why the Gamma+ Ergo is worth buying.

Lithium ion battery

The Gamma+ Ergo Clipper is fitted with a lithium-ion battery that offers up to two full hours of continuous operating time; hence, it earned it a place among the best hair clippers on the market.

Basically, you can get a good five or six haircuts before you run out of charge. It’s not the best for a busy barber, but ideal for slow work hours.. The Ergo Hair Clipper can be charged directly or via its nifty charging base.

An elegant tapered click lever

This clipper also features a neat taper lever that helps you get the most out of its adjustable blades.

You may find the lever a bit stiff; and I agree, it's kinder. Its stiffness is often useful for those looking to make quick and precise size adjustments on the fly. Also, if you set it to a specific position, you can be sure that it will stay there.

Other cool features

Ergonomic Design - The manufacturer has really done a great job with the design. This trimmer comes with unique ergonomics, perfectly balanced weight, good grip, and is lightweight. That way you can use it for long periods without getting tired or having uncomfortable hand cramps.

Customizable: The Gamma Plus Ergo Hair Clipper ships with 2 body kits that allow you to customize it to your liking.

Guards: The Ergo comes with 5 magnetic guards for greater versatility while shaving, among other accessories.

Review of usability and management

First, with near-perfect ergonomics, this clipper easily accommodates most hand sizes; It is quite comfortable to wear, lightweight and allows a nice and firm grip even when used for a long time.

What I like the most about this clipper is that it is quite balanced. By this, I mean that the weight of the Gamma+ Ergo clipper is perfectly distributed to ensure that there are no unnecessary efforts during use.

On the other hand, if you feel like changing the design and appearance of this clipper from time to time, you can do so easily and quickly.

When you buy the Gamma+ Ergo hair clipper, you also get two additional body kits (gold and rose gold colors) and two thumb rest covers (silver and black).

This means that you can easily customize your clipper to look the best you see fit.

Unlike most clippers, the Ergo comes with unique accessories. In addition to the usual guide combs and blade oil, you will also get a good screwdriver to use when switching between body kits and thumb rest covers.

Aside from appearance, the motor of this clipper offers:

Enough power for quite a few haircuts.

Strong, quality blades that stay sharp longer and are resistant to corrosion.

Plus, blade adjustments during a haircut are a walk in the park thanks to this clipper's tapered click lever.

Although the Gamma+ Ergo clipper is a great hair clipper, it has faults too.

There is a small design flaw that Gamma needs to fix. Occasionally, the Ergo clipper often gets stuck in its charging base.

And this means that you risk dropping, damaging or breaking the base if you lift the clipper without unplugging it from its charging base first.

What’s in the Box?

  • Blade oil
  • Charging Dock
  • 5 magnetic guards
  • 2 body kits and 2 thumb rests
  • Charging cable
  • Cleaning brush
  • Red screwdriver
  • User manual

As you can see, You’ll be getting the right amount of accessories to make your hair cutting effortless.

Some pros and cons

Let’s weigh the Ergo Gamma+ clipper’s advantages and disadvantages to see if it’s really worth your money:


  • Powerful rotary motor with up to 10,000 SPM
  • Impeccable battery performance with up to 120 minutes of runtime
  • Ultra-durable adjustable DLC blade
  • Click lever for precise blade adjustments
  • Extremely flexible, owing to its cordless nature
  • The blade can be zero-gapped
  • Customizable
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Comes with ample accessories
  • Versatile – in terms of blade guards


  • Its warranty is short
  • Seeing as this clipper and its charging dock are a tight fit, it poses the risk of dropping the charging system accidentally and at any time
  • Not ideal for wet hair

What do we think of the product ...

There you have it, the Gamma+ Ergo clipper, in our opinion an excellent product.

Is it something you would consider buying? In the comments leave us your opinion

The ergonomic design of the Ergo clipper is undeniable.

Therefore, we would recommend this clipper to anyone looking for:

An ergonomic, powerful and easy-to-use hair clipper
A high performance, reliable and flexible hair clipper
A reliable clipper that can give professional-looking haircuts anywhere, anytime.

We would be very grateful for your comments on this review of the Gamma+ Ergo hair clipper ...

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